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Pro Tuner Upgrade - Toyota Lexus

Pro Tuner Upgrade - Toyota Lexus

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Pro Tuner Upgrade
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Product Details

vForest Tuning software for Toyota and lexus ECUs
Supports all ECUs / vehicles not specifically as an upgrade package (hyundai, 2URGSE, etc)
As a tuner, Pro Tuner upgrade gives you the access, tools and software you need to design the best Toyota and Lexus Calibrations anywhere!

Pro Tuner Kits -
- Can be used to flash your own vehicle
- Can be used for upgrading/downgrading ECU - Flashing / Access of any file
- Can flash any registered VF Tuner vehicle
- Can flash any tune pack file / tune file to any registered vehicle
- Full access to all tables / DTC control / logger / etc
- Access to Pro Tuner only patches (forced induction patches, etc)
- Can purchase credits for the purpose of registering / flashing other vehicles / providing tuning / calibration services

Pro Tuner Requirements -
- Registering your Business name with VF Tuner (providing business information)
- Website / social media / other form of contact
- General location for our dealer locator
- attend any / all training classes regarding the software
Supports Renesas vForest product line in Toyota Chassis


Benefits of vF Tuner Pro Tuner Upgrade 
- Gives you the access to purchase programming kits which you can sell to your customers local or remotely.
- Access to remote tuning tools 
- FULL Access to our map and table list. Additional tables, controls and functions not available otherwise.
-Map list update is for ALL vehicles supported by vF Tuner.
- Ability to create Unique Flash IDs, Specific to your tune or your business, which nobody else can access or modify.
-Ability to lock your tunes from being read from the ECM
- First access to development
- First access to new features
- and more!
Pro Tuner is a software upgrade designed for professional tuners and calibrators looking to offer their maps worldwide. This software option is available only to professional tuners, shops, Dyno shops, etc.
Pro Tuner option requires signature of a waiver including understanding about development access, development tools, map access, and other controls.

Shipping Details

All kits on our site that ship are shipped by UPS, USPS or DHL. For international shipments we normally ship by USPS(parcel / post) or DHL


List of Vehicles that are Supported by VF Tuner Software

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