Shipping Policy

Our standard processing/ship out time frame is 5-7 business days (NOT including actual shipping time - shipping time will be depending on the carrier & distance).Our products are prepared to order from our manufacturer. Therefore, it usually takes about 5-7 days to be processed and shipped out depending on our current stock of items.

Processing and shipping times do not include weekends and holidays, which may delay your order. Other variables out of our control, including inclement weather, may have an impact on shipping times.

You will receive an email containing shipping and tracking information once your order has shipped. If you do not receive the email, please check your junk or spam folders. If you cannot locate the email, send us an email to and we will provide you with the shipping information for your order.

Please advise if you need your order by a certain date, contact us BEFORE your order is placed to make arrangements.

If we receive a package back from the shipping carrier due to the address provided being undeliverable, you are responsible for contacting us and paying the full shipping cost for your item to be reshipped. 

International Shipping Policy

We ship our international order via UPS or DHL (optional). Total price in the checkout includes the calculated shipping cost NOT custom duty fees. The custom duty fee and process will be different depends on the country and their system. The receiver will be subjected to the custom duty fee and the process to receive in their country.

International order policy:

- With exception to North America (Canada), we do not accept international credit cards. You must use paypal. This is due to abnormal amounts of fraudulent orders.

Please double check your address before submit. If the address needs to corrected or updated, we will contact you. This may delay the shipping process.

Cancellation / Return Policy

By Custom ECU tunes, no refunds can be given on any purchase regarding a custom ECU tune Software Suite License. Since these Licenses are non-refundable / non-returnable, there are no Returns on any orders processed by For any Software suite / license / tune service, only certain conditions warrant a refund and they must be communicated to us. The only instance in which a Return may be given is if the customer specifies in email to us before 24hours of the order so a Software license is not purchased. After 24hours of the order no refunds can be given. 

For receiving a damaged item or wrong item, we will send out the replacement.


If a customer wants to cancel the order or return the item after OR before receiving the package (Before using them), there will be a restock fee of$120for cancellation / returning the item to restock our cables for any product that uses our V3 OBDII Cable, Handheld. (Toyota Kits, Mazda Kits). 

These products are prepared to order, as a result any cancelled or returned order will have a restocking charge. If the software is registered at any time, the order cannot be cancelled or returned.

OVTune reserves the right to refuse any return request based on these terms above. 

Restock fee will be deducted from the refund before processing.

* We do not accept returns if customer simply changes their mind after receiving and using the products.  

It is customer's responsibility to review these term before requesting the cancellation/return. 


What Is Flash Tuning?

Flash Tuning is a process of modifying the contents of the binary data on the computer of a vehicle. It is a process of installing new "software" onto the vehicles Engine Control unit. 

Is Tuning Reversible? Can I Go Back to Stock?

Absolutely. You can flash back to stock at any time, in less than 5 minutes.

Can I Use This If My Car Has Already Been Tuned Before?

Absolutely. Our system can flash over any of the current markets competing flash systems.

Can I Modify My Files?

You Cannot. You are purchasing access to our file repository, for use with our license and encrypted files. We encrypt these files and layer a digital signature along with MD5 within them to ensure they are unaltered when you receive it. This provides MAXIMUM file integrity for our users without any hassle or worry. We do not provide any editing software or any ability to edit any file. This is for your own safety.

Can I Register My Flash Manager Software Before Receiving My Kit?

Yes you can. you can begin the registration process immediately after ordering. Just follow our video walk through.

How Do I Update Flash Manager?

Simply go to Help > Update. it will automatically check and update to the latest release.

What If My ECU ID IS Unavailable?

If your ECU ID is unavailable, it needs to be added to our repository database. you will need to dump the ECU data with our flash software. Click "Read" while connected to the vehicle (this can take up to 20 minutes), then send the file to titled : NEW ECU - (year, make, model)

My System ID Has Changed Or My Flash Manager - Flashing Software Buttons Are Greyed Out?

First, run flash manager as "Run as administrator" (right click icon, select Run as Admin). If that does not work, please contact us.

Please check your system ID again. If the system ID is different than your registry key, please send us a request for new registry file with your order number and name.)

How Many Times Can I Register My Software? Can I Use It On Multiple Computer?

We provide (3) free registration licenses.

My Computer Is Blocking The Software. Does It Have A Virus?

Normally this happens from Anti-viruses and windows defender blocking and deleting our software. You must either set an exception or disable your anti virus. Our software is virus free.

What Fuel Should I Use When Tuning?

The fuel you should use depends on the file you select. We do not recommend using files for any octane except what it is labeled for. (that means no using 87 octane on a 91 octane file).

Is Tuning Detectable?

Our tunes only modify the OEM Programming ID. This means that your ECU always "reports" as stock when checked. 

What is EROM?

EROM, Also known as Efficient Read Only Memory, is our own take to a processors code. Normally, when you buy a tune, a tuner is altering tables in the ECU. Add a little ignition here, add some fuel there. We go far beyond this. We rewrite sections of code, we create our own tables, modify tables, and implement our own calibration code, engineered exclusively by us in house, for features you may desire, or sections of the tune that are inefficient and need a custom touch.
EROM is exclusive to OVTune, as we write and develop this code in-house. This code allows us to bring features to a stock ECU that would normally be impossible. Like Full lock gearlocking on The Toyota Truck Platforms, Larger calibration tables, and Live Dual and Multi Map Switching.

Can I Datalog With My Tune?

Our Flash Manager has a built in Datalogger that can be used with our OBDII Cable.

Does Flash Manager Work On MAC/ APPLE Laptop?

Flash Manager and all components work only on Windows. (windows xp or higher).

What If I Cannot Find My ECU ID?

ECU IDs, in some cases are labeled by CAL year, NOT vehicle year. So, we always recommend check 1 year newer than your vehicle first. (for example if 2016, check 2017 option as well).

I Get A VC Runtime Error When Trying To Install Flash Manager?

I Have A Dongle (Older Version Kit, Discontinued) Do I Use This Flash Manager?

Yes, you use this version of flash manager. you simply select the dongle flash software (PCMFlash Utility) *your dongle must be plugged into your computer*


- use "pcmflash utility NOT p5flash utility*

PCMFlash Utility from the Tuning Menu in Flash Manager

I Have A Flash Manager Downloaded, Installed All Software But The Flash Utility Will Not Show?

Normally this happens from Anti-viruses and windows defender blocking and deleting our software. You must either set an exception or disable your anti virus. (our software is virus free).

Tuning Assistance?

We do not provide individual tuning assistance / help.

If you need help or your tuner needs individual help with tuning, maps, etc they must purchase vF Tuner PRO Upgrade.


Is This Product User Friendly?

Our product is user friendly and safe. Our Flash Software for Toyota P5 Systems and UDS Systems provides FLASH Protection, which means even in the worst cases (unplugging your kit half way through a flash) The ECU is safe, and can be flashed again, worry free.

How Many Times Can I Flash My Vehicle?

There is no limit known on Toyota ECUs, and we are certain there is no limit. We have flashed our test car 500+ times. More than any user would normally do, even under the most extreme circumstances.

Is This System "Plug And Play"?

Not exactly, but it isn't hard. Plug and Play is a term used often, but doesn't really have meaning in the performance world. Nothing is "plug and play" anymore. Our Setup is simple though, and consists of 3 steps. Download our software, register our software, enjoy the tunes.

What Happened To OV Flash Kit

OV tuning has been slowly making a transition over the last few years to develop a tool capable of allowing the end user to calibrate their own system. that solution is now here. with that, we are moving all of our focus into ensuring we can support the toyota and lexus community with the absolute best calibration software on the market. because of this, we have decided to stop selling our own calibrations.


What Kind Of Tunes Could I Do With VF Tuner?

With VF Tuner there are no limits to what calibration you can develop.

Available Resource For Beginner?

Scheduled live webinars and guides are available.

Difference Between VF Tuner Vs OV Flash Kit

The primary difference between our Flash Kits and VF Tuner is that VF Tuner allows you to do everything a Flash Kit does. Plus VF Tuner allows you to modify tables that you desire. Unlike our Flash Kits, you can take VF Tuner to a local Dyno Tuner, or shop, etc and make your own calibration.

What Is Tacoma Tune Pack?

This is an ADD ON product. Which means, additional or optional to customers who already have the vF tuner software and the cables. This product does not include cables, vF tuner, Registry file(system ID). This product does not require a shipping as this is not a physical product. This is a tune file pack product. 

includes OVTuned tune files

includes tune(s) + edit access in vF tuner

Tune file pack provides base maps that the user can custom tune from. This is not a physical product that ships out. This is an add on tune file package. 


After purchasing VF tuner, what do I do?

I just purchased the VF tuner. Now what do I do?

you can download it by clicking the black VF Logo on the front page of our site next to where it shows the current software version.
Also we no longer use master keys. We have a much simpler registration process. Plug your VF Tuner cable into your computer and run the software. It should give you a "license check error" and show your serial number.
Copy that serial number and email it to us to register.

Tune pack question - Are they approved for California smog checks?

Are the tune packs approved for California smog checks?

They are not approved or CARB approved for california. They are for OFF ROAD or for example, competition purpose only.

Please check your local laws and regulations. VF TUNER is not responsible for individually tuned vehicle by customers or Pro tuners. 

How To Get Registered?

you can download it by clicking the black VF Logo on the front page of our site next to where it shows the current software version.
Also we no longer use master keys. We have a much simpler registration process. Plug your VF Tuner cable into your computer and run the software. It should give you a "license check error" and show your serial number.
Copy that serial number and email it to us to register.

Basic Tune & Basic Featured Of VF Tuner

VF Tuner comes with certain "Example" files. These files may be an example of how to do something in the software and example of one of our eroms (enhanced- roms) which have exclusive features like map switching, or gearlock function for automatic transmissions.To ensure customers can use these features without worry, examples that have this code or table control set-up is prepared for you.

Required Level Of Tune Skill/ Computer Skill For VF Tuner

EFI and tuning knowledge is recommended for VF Tuner. We do host training webinars and plan to offer software support guides to guide you along your calibration path.

How Do I access 'Tune Pack'?

Our TUNE PACK is an add on and you can purchase on our website.

If you already bought the TUNE PACK and want to access, we would need your ECU ID (Output information after registration process). Please email us your ECU ID/OUTPUT information after registration process.

Official - List Of Pro Tuners / Shops

Please see the link below for OFFICIAL - List of Pro Tuners / Shops

Index Out Of Bounds Error

If you get this error that means that in your installation folder there must be some old logger.ini file. it was updated several versions ago, but may not have been deleted in your directory.

2 ways to fix

  1. go to C / program files x86 / VF Tuner (or VF Tuner pro) - if you see a "logger.ini" file, delete it.
    DO NOT delete logger.enc.
  2. Fully uninstall VF Tuner and re-install it.


After Market

None of our products can be used at any time on any emissions control vehicle that is used for anything other than off-road performance or competition use. ALL Ecu tunes, Calibrations, flashes, files, datalogs, or anything in regard to the tune, tuning process, changes, are for OFF-ROAD USE. 

Our tunes and files cannot be used in any way to circumvent emissions requirements where you live for any reason. This regards all engines, all ECUs, all files regardless of car, make, model etc. The service charge for tuning is specifically for your ECU for Track and OFF Road conditions only. 

  • Any files or calibrations are developed only for the exact vehicle and drivetrain that it comes with from the factory.
  • Calibrations do not modify or disable any emissions check, component, monitor.
  • Calibrations cannot be modified to disable any reporting component
  • Calibrations cannot be modified or used for any vehicle except for the intended vehicle, exact ECM, and specifications that came from factory

Why Choose OVTune?

OVTune is not like other tuning companies. We don't throw a car on a dyno, find power, call it a day, and that's that. Every car we design calibrations for we purchase, we do extensive, sometimes year long rounds of development and testing before we release anything. We ensure, on our own R&D Vehicles, that what we provide is safe, efficient, and delivers.
In some cases, simply finding horsepower and torque is not the ultimate goal of a calibration. We seek out to find and fix any potential bugs, issues, or simply less than desirable traits of OEM calibrations.This includes things like throttle response, transmission shifting, and other beneficial parts of a complete calibration.

What Happed To Our Mazda Support?

Unfortunately we do not have any tune kit available for Mazda.

What Components Are Required For Tuning?

The only component required is a windows laptop. Everything else is provided with our tune kit.

How Do I Know If I Am On The Latest Release?

Our in software updater (help > Update) will update you seamlessly, no need to even check our site.

Can It Be Used On Multiple Vehicle?

The kit can be used on multiple vehicles, however each vehicle must be individually licensed to use the software. Contact us for details.

Any Support And Future Updates For Previous OV Customers?

Current owners of our Handhelds, Flash Kits, and other tunes will still be supported. We even offer a discounted, streamlined option to upgrade to VF and unlock full access to your vehicle. Please contact us for detail.

I Ordered From Magnuson, What's Next?

If you have purchased/ordered from Magnuson, please contact them directly for any assistance.

File Repository / Flash Manager / Service Liability

In the event a tune file does not work as implied, we make every effort to ensure the customer is happy by all regards. In the event of a catastrophic engine failure the customer agrees by purchasing our tuning package that OrangeVirus Tuning Ltd. or any of the tuners/employee is not to be held responsible. Testing and/or tuning may push your vehicle to its mechanical limits. You (the customer) assume all the risks and liabilities associated with testing and tuning your engine to the mechanical limits. OrangeVirus Tuning Ltd. or any of our tuners cannot guarantee that your engine, powertrain, or complete car will be capable of handling the stresses incurred without the potential for costly failure. Under NO circumstances are any of our tuners liable for ANY damages to your engine, powertrain, or any part of the vehicle incurred during or after your vehicle is tested and/or tuned with our flash file tuning program/service. If any part on your car (including but not limited to engine, turbos, intake system, exhaust system, transmission, driveline, differential, electrical system, ECU, ECM, TCM) fail during or after our tuning, OrangeVirus Tuning Ltd. tuners is in NO way responsible for the repair or replacement or cost thereof of the failed part(s). If we begin your tune and find that your car is not mechanically sound and it becomes necessary to pull your tune, and flash you back to stock, no refunds can be given without express communication and agreement, in any event without special circumstance our product (tune, file etc) must be removed and your vehicle flashed back to STOCK. By ordering any of the tuning packages listed on our website ( or any affiliates) you are agreeing to all terms and conditions. The seller disclaims any warranty and expressly disclaims any liability for personal injury or damages. The buyer acknowledges and agrees that the disclaimer of any liability for personal injury is a material term for this agreement and the buyer agrees to indemnify the seller and to hold the seller harmless from any claim related to the item of the equipment or service purchased. Under no circumstances will the seller be liable for any damages or expenses by reason of use or sales of any such equipment and/or service.

By using our file service providing application, you, the user assume all risk associated with downloading, using, flashing, installing any file provided by our repository.

What Vehicles Do You Support?

We support Toyota vehicles. 


2015-2016 Lexus RCF USDM
2015-2016 Lexus GSF USDM
2018-2020 Toyota Camry 3.5L 
2020 Toyota Camry 3.5L TRD
2018 Toyota Tundra 5.7L
2018 Toyota Tundra 5.7L Flex Fuel
2016 -17 Tacoma 3.5L AT 
2018-19 Tacoma 3.5L AT
2020-2021 Tacoma 3.5L AT 

*If you need a custom solution on a stock toyota ECU please contact us.*

Is This Tune Safe?

Our tunes are as safe as can be. We test everything on our own cars, and never release to public until it is tested and verified. At times this means months of in house code testing and bug extraction.

Will This Void My Warranty?

While this product is developed for off road and competition use, we have not had anyone notify us of any warranty concerns.

Can I Share My Flash Manager Software?

Flash Manager software is registered to you, by name. It cannot be shared.

Are Software Updates Actually Free?

All of our Software updates are absolutely free. When you purchase our kit, you are purchasing accsess to our online repository, licensed to use for use only with the single vehicle you have purchased for. You are not purchasing a mod file directly, you are purchasing licensed repository access.
With this system, we can continually develop for our repository and release online updates to our licensed users, for free.

Would I Be Able To Purchase OV Flash Kit Or Handled In The Future?

Flash Kits and Handhelds are no longer available for sale. If you are interested in Flashing your TOYOTA or LEXUS the best option is VF Tuner.


List of Vehicles that are Supported by VF Tuner Software

Supported Vehicle List