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vF Tuner Credits

vF Tuner Credits

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vF Tuner Credits are for licensing other vehicles to tune
Credits do not process to your license immediately! Please be aware credits can take up to 12 hours to process to your account.
to receive credits faster please always order with the same email that is used for your pro tuner license.

Each ECU Unlock can cost between 2 and 16 credits depending on the vehicle.
Once a ECU ID is unlocked it is unlocked permanently.
NOTE, the base software license comes with 5 credits. You only need to purchase this if you wish to unlock another ECU or vehicle.

Shipping Details

All kits on our site that ship are shipped by UPS, USPS or DHL. For international shipments we normally ship by USPS(parcel / post) or DHL


List of Vehicles that are Supported by VF Tuner Software

Supported Vehicle List