The Ultimate Tundra Tune. Flex Fuel, Map Switching. And more

The Ultimate Tundra Tune. Flex Fuel, Map Switching. And more

Our Tundra tune is releasing very very soon.  Here is what we have been working on. *Features noted below are only for 2007-2017 Tundra 5.7L. Some ECUs may be excluded* 
- Load control indexing
We have our own load control table scheme that we have implemented into the ECUs stock code. This over-rides the stock Load controls and enables OUR load Mapping. This greatly enhances how load is calculated and used within every table in the ECU.
Stock table + our Load indexing table image below (this table is DESIGNED AND CODED BY US AND DOES NOT EXIST IN THE STOCK ECU OR ANY OTHER TUNE)
- 100% Custom Code and Exclusive to OVTune
The table on the right takes into account current load and makes a secondary Compensation to it, changing how load is calculated.
- Shift Mode enhancements
Like we have done with the tacoma, we have taken all of this experience to create the absolute BEST shift mapping possible on this truck. But not just shift mapping.. Enhanced and expanded shift tables.
We have modified the stock ECUs shift tables to expand them. Making more tune-ability and better control.
We have expanded the size of the shift tables and modified the shifting based on accelerator angles
- 100% Custom Code and Exclusive to OVTune
- Tow Mode Fully Featured Gear Locking
Tow Mode Shift locking (S-Mode Lock). When in Towing mode (pressing the tow button) you can Lock up the gears and lock the torque converter. Pressing the Tow Haul disables downshifting and requires use of S Mode.
- Greatly reduces Transmission temperatures
- Enables FULL user control of the gears and the truck.
You can fully lock up each gear, floor it at any RPM. No downshifting, no transmission nanny-ing what you want to do.
Seamless and total control of each gear.  
- 100% Custom Code and Exclusive to OVTune
Just like our Tacoma shift tables
What's even better, is that a simple press of the Tow Button enables a completely separate tune.  TWO tunes in one on the ecus.
Button OFF?  Tune 1 active
Button ON? Tune 2 active
No shutting the truck off. No flashing. Seamless tune switching.
That means all new fuel controls ,all new ignition tables, lock up(if desired) and much more.
Independent VVT Tables that are setup specifically for TOWING and pulling weight.
This means that when in non towing mode, the truck drives on tune A. When you press the Tow button, the truck will drive on Tune B.
100% Custom Code and Exclusive to OVTune

Example showing Changes to ignition timing by LIVE Switching between two different Tables
- Enhanced VVT tuning
- Enhanced and expanded code to enable better use of the Valve Timing. Including 2 new tables, Designed in house with our own code for tow mode.
- Just like our Tacoma EROM VVT.  (see here)
- Enhanced Ignition Timing
Through our experience we have found that by modifying load, we can greatly expand our ignition timing resolution and expand the tables, making the tune work at all load percents, without a single load point being untuned.
- enhanced, larger tables that pair with our load patch to make the most of the tune
- Just like we have developed for the 2nd Gen Tacoma
100% Custom Code and Exclusive to OVTune.
- Enhanced Fuel Control
Rather than just using the stock fuel control (stoic, throttle angle, open loop) we have made modifications in code and tables to enhance the stock ECUs fuel control ability.
This is totally custom code and exclusive to OVTune.
- Custom Table MPG Feature
While driving at a certain RPM and certain gear, we want MPG. however, the ECU only has so much resolution in these specific RPM and load ranges to get better MPG.
If you have seen the work we have done for the tacoma, we know our way around this.
Custom Code, Custom tables and modifying stock logic so we have our own, independent tables setup specifically for when you are driving on the highway.
100% Custom Code and Exclusive to OVTune.
- more information coming soon after we finish all MPG testing
- SuperCharger Temperature Safety tables 
Safety. Safety. Safety. This is always our main priority making tunes. With that, everything you see above is developed for both non supercharged and supercharged trucks.
On top of that, supercharged trucks get special Ignition control tables we have designed that will modify output ignition when the temperatures exceed a certain degree, or when your ambient / IAT temps exceed a certain degree.
This greatly enhances safety for the engine by lowering ignition and reducing changes of detrimental knock retard, which can be a killer on this engine with a supercharger.
100% Custom Code and Exclusive to OVTune.
The top table is the primary "ignition timing" table.
The table below, will REDUCE ignition by these many degrees, depending on Intake Air Temperature and Engine Coolant Temperature.
Flex Fuel Trucks - Ethanol Custom Compensation Tables - MAXIMUM POWER!
A custom Ignition Table has been designed for Flex Fuel trucks that will add ignition Dynamically when Ethanol content reaches a certain point and the ECU switches to Flex based mapping.
This table works in conjunction with the stock ECUs Flex mapping to bring even more power dynamically through an on the fly Ignition adder table that increases torque as ethanol content rises.
 Info about our R&D Vehicle.
OVTuneds R&D Toyota Tundra is a 2016 TRD Off-Road Flex Fuel.
5.7L 3UR-FBE 4WD.
We will be adding many new features specifically for the flex fuel platform of this truck!
Dyno Results are coming soon from our R&D Tundra that we have specifically to build for this platform.
This code has been worked on and developed for more than 2 years and is completely custom, hand written code into the stock ECUs "ROM" file and these features cannot be found or obtained anywhere else!
Did we mention this is just.. the first release? It doesn't end here.
All of this will be available with our Flash kit and HD Touchscreen handheld tuners coming soon.
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