vF Tuner Tacoma Package + CATTED Dump Tubes

$ 1,399.00
  • vF Tuner Tacoma Package + CATTED Dump Tubes

vF Tuner Tacoma Package + CATTED Dump Tubes

$ 1,399.00
$ 1,399.00

 - Estimated wait time 25-30 days on exhaust dump tubes

*These products are made/prepared to order, as a result any cancelled or returned order will have a restocking charge.

If the software is registered at any time, the order cannot be cancelled or returned. 



Expected gains with tune and dump tubes : 

93 octane Tune + exhaust : 20-25 hp gain

91 octane Tune + exhaust : 16-20 hp gain


With gearlocking enabled, more than 40-50 ft lbs can be gained in lower RPM where it is not possible with the stock tune. 

Peak Torque is also made at 4100 RPM, sooner than stock 4500 RPM






 Toyota Tacoma 3.5L 2GRFKS Tuning Package

Complete package including:

- Software for flashing

- OBDII Cable for flashing

- Free Updates  - 1.05 update included

- MTA Dump Tubes

How It Works:  

- Once you receive our ECM Tuning Package you load our software to your windows laptop. (A windows laptop is required and not provided! WINDOWS XP IS NOT SUPPORTED!). You register your software and dump the binary contents of your stock ECU.  We then provide you a modified binary to load to the ECU with all of our latest developments.