vF Tuner Support for Lexus ISF

vF Tuner Support for Lexus ISF

2UR-GSE Lexus ISF Support is here in vF Tuner!
Detailed Map list and information about tuning is available here:
Fuel Map controls
Engine Speed Requirements for Load control / Load calculation switches (affects fueling)
You can now, exclusively with vF Tuner, set your load breakpoints / multipliers higher, change the RPM at which Load controls switch and more.
Fuel Pressure and Port Injector control.
No more guesswork. With vF Tuner you can control Port Injection target pressures, Port Injection lag lag time, port injection scale and more.
  • - Allows for accurate Port Injection tuning
  • - Allows for tuning of bigger injectors.
  • - No piggybacks!
Global Fuel Maps
Global fuel components are now available. Allowing you to modify total fuel output via 2D fuel vs Load tables, Wide open fuel enrichment, and more.
  • - Allows for precise AFR tuning
  • - Allows for altering fuel for catalyst protection. Necessary when changing the stock headers / exhaust.
D4-S Controls
Tune Port Injection to Direct Injection rates.
Tune high pressure fuel pump pressure demand.
  • - Allows for precise fuel pressure targets
  • - Allows for precisely calculated port to direct injection ratio
Air Fuel Controls.
With vF Tuner, you have more maps than any other software. You can precisely tune your transient AFR maps, tune the AFR breakpoints that the ECU uses for close loop control, Tune the AFR target during warm up conditions, and much more.
  • - Tune AFR as precise as 0.01 AFR.
  • - Tune Transient AFR for faster throttle response
Air Load, Torque models.
If you don't understand the torque and load controls of this ECU, you can't tune it properly.
With vF Tuner you have accurate tables that make load tuning a breeze. Tune your Load caps, Air Load, Throttle, cylinder VE and much more.
  • - Eliminate throttle reductions for over load situations
  • - Eliminate the guesswork.
Throttle Control.
With vF Tuner for the ISF tuning every throttle break point is now possible, for every gear!
  • - Individual / gear specific throttle response tuning
  • - Shift tuning / shift speed for throttle angle

Torque Converter and Shifting Control.
We heard people were unhappy with their torque converters unlocking after a certain RPM. We have heard story after story of other companies being unable to figure it out. Unable to lock the converter at higher RPM.
VF Tuner hears you.
Over a hundred shift and torque converter control.
  • -Allows you to fully lock and fully unlock the torque converter, any gear, any rpm.
  • - Allows you to fully tune each individual gear up shift and downshift condition
This is only a small sample of the many tables included in vF Tuner for the ISF


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