vF Tuner Major update - Logger Launch - New Platforms Support

vF Tuner Major update - Logger Launch - New Platforms Support

OVTune is proud to announce a major update to vF Tuner.
Inlcuded is BETA Support for the 16+ Toyota 4Runner 4.0L !!
Download here: 
 Update includes new tables, full ECU support for several vehicles
- New ECUs added and New cars supported
- 8ARFTS Full Support
- 2GR-FKS Full Support (several vehicles)
- Beta support for 4Runner 1GR-FE

- 2GR-FKS Tacoma - New Tables- TCU and Torque Converter Support
- 2GR-FKS Tacoma - Open and Closed Loop Controls
vF Tuner is proud to release new controls for the Toyota Tacoma, including several new (More than 50 parameters) Transmission up and downshifting, torque converter controls.
Including in this update are parameters for closed and open loop control.

- 2UR-GSE RCF GSF - New Tables - Torque downshift reductions
Updated parameters are released for the 2UR GSE Lexus RCF that includes several new tables. Access to tune the Intake box flapper activator solenoid, and several transmission torque reduction controls.

- GUI controls
- Built In Datalogger with all SAE PIDs
- Logger Live Graphing with live updating
- Logger WOP Recording (20 second Record function for dynamometer testing)
- Logger Recording (CSV Format)
- Log Viewer tool for viewing datalogs
- Logging Code updated for maximum PID capture rate
Our all new built in logger is capable of PID / Logging rate as fast as 3ms, with many PIDs recording at a rate of 9-10ms.
This new logger includes easy access WOP (Wide Open Pedal) Logging, which records and saves a 20 second log from 1 button touch, for easy dynamometer testing.
Live Graphing is now available which will show the first 6 PIDS that are selected.
All available right from vF Tuner, simply select the Logger Tab. You can easily and seamlessly switch between tables and loggers for faster, more accurate calibrating.

Pro Tuner Version only
- Beta support for FULL Close Loop Fuel Control (Target AFR)
Beta support for certain vehicles ( PRO TUNER ONLY ) allows for a custom patch we have designed. This patch offers full closed loop fuel control (AFR Target). This allows the tuner / calibrator to select the AFR they want and allow the ECU to trim fuel to meet the target. No more guessing, no more fueling headaches.
Example 2UR-GSE AFR Table

- 2GR-FKS Tacoma
- 8AR-FTS IS200T
Example 2GR FKS and 8AR FTS AFR Table
 Interested in using vF Tuner for your Toyota?
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