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Toyota / Lexus V35A-FTS Twin Turbo Engine. Can it be tuned? YES!

Toyota / Lexus V35A-FTS Twin Turbo Engine. Can it be tuned? YES!
The all new Toyota / Lexus 3.5L V35A-FTS engine.
A marvel from Toyota. There are actually turbochargers in there!
This new v6 comes out of the gates with 416 horsepower and 442 ft lbs. Impressive. But is that all it can do? 
The V35A Engine is one of the most electronically controlled engine we've ever seen. Electronic Coolant temperature control, Electronic Oil control, Electronic valve control. Electronic boost control. 
Electronic everything. 
Quad intelligent valve timing. High compression, Twin turbochargers, liquid temperature controlled intercoolers. This engine SCREAMS 650 horsepower.
But where is it? 
Locked away in one of the most complex engine management calibrations we've ever seen, ever.
No worries though, we have already been dissecting the binary from the ECU since October 2018, and we're inching closer to releasing the worlds first V35A ECU tune.
Here is what we know. 
- The Engine Management uses one of the newest Chipset's available, under the highest technology available by Renesas.
- The Chipset floating point precision is simply unbelievable in terms of processing power when it comes to this calibration
- The engine calibration uses the LARGEST (byte size) and (table size) we have ever seen in a modern day ECU. We know that you can find rather large ignition and fuel maps on motorcycles for example (where the dimensions of a table might be as big as 32x32). Yeah, well...That's a baby compared to some of the tables in this ECU.
- It uses a new and revised version of Toyota's complex 4th Dimensional (literally) table structuring, torque model and throttle control calibration logic.
- The Calibration is modeled not for maximum possible power, but smoothest and quickest possible response.
- The Calibration is throttle limiting. What does that mean? Ask the Lexus IS200T. That means there is tons more torque just a throttle angle difference away.
Useful information:
Toyota's newest tech is proving itself once again. These new ECUs are finally on par with what other modern day manufactures have been doing. Although, there are some manufactures that have used floating point precision since 2003, Toyota now uses it to a bigger scale than ANY manufacture has EVER done, EVER!
- The new ECUs Chipset was only recently released by Renesas, it's not some ancient tech like you see in the Toyota's out of the 2000s (all the way to 2017 If you're a Tundra).
But who cares about that stuff? Lets see some of the tables, in depth.
- The basics. Fuel stuff. Not too different from Toyotas Standard protocol for fuel. (Although there are many other components, like Wide Open Thresholds, 2D Fuel targets, Stoic Target, etc).
Boost Targets Controlled by Various sensors. (Temperature control)
And the Grand Finale (Not really) Table Ala. Gargantua.
This (and many more like it) are MASSIVE Floating Point Precision tables. This one table is big enough to fit an ENTIRE early 90s calibration inside. Overcompensating much? 
We're actually happy to see this. This means Toyota takes their calibrations very seriously, and they simply don't mind going outside of the norm to ensure the most accurately calibrated table possible. Unlike some manufacturers that may stick to certain table sizes (like 16x16) or Ford..whose ignition tables are laughably small compared to calibrations of this day and age (Although to Fords credit the individual table is small, the actual ignition strategy is NASA level complex).
What does this mean for the future? We're working with our Distributor in Asia and will have some dyno testing done soon. Lets see what the engine that should of been in the new Supra can do!

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Dec 22, 2020 • Posted by Ronnie Khan

Any update on tuning the LS500?

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