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Tacoma Product information - Handhelds / Support / Updates / User Tuning Options

Tacoma Product information - Handhelds / Support / Updates / User Tuning Options

Orangevirus tuning Tacoma 3.5L Handheld tuners are now shipping for pre-order customers.

- Handheld tuners will be available at a later date for non pre-order customers. 

  • Realtime data displays
  • High-Speed Enhanced data-logging/data-graphing
  • Trouble code reading/clearing
  • Multiple tuning file storage (6 including your ORIGINAL ECU Tune)
  • 100% Reversible to original factory tune in minutes
  • True plug-and-play functionality 
  • All of our EROM patched software and code
  • EROM Transmission code
  • EROM ignition code

This handheld has built in logging and recording capability.

- The handheld will ship with our latest version tunes (1.05.x) and will have free access to our 2.0 EROM once released. Features for this product are provided by OpenFlash Tablet, a collaborative effort to bring the best option possible to the Tacoma community.

- See more below about User Tuning Options With the handheld


- Tacoma Support and Updates information: 

OVTune will soon have a dedicated support channel for people who need help with things like installing software, registration, etc.

Normally we use to help people who have install issues, questions or need additional help. On top of this, we will have a dedicated support line that we can speak with customers directly help them get installed and tuned!

Regarding updates:

Currently we do not have an ETA on EROM 2.0. However it is being worked on and tested!

2019 Tacoma ECU bug update will be available for download (1.05, 1.05.1) through flash manager this month. 1.05.1 will be available for trucks that experience torque converter shutter on the stock programming.


User Tuning Options:

For DIYers, people interested in tuning their own trucks, we will have an option available! We will offer a service with the handheld tuner so that you can edit your own tune, edit your transmission maps, ignition timing, valve timing, and much more!

- We will even be offering some of our exclusive EROM patches to the community who would like to make their own tunes, and support them through that with future patches and custom options.

This allows YOU to directly make changes to your tune if you desire to!














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