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Preparing the Flex Fuel Tundra for the Harrop TVS2650

Preparing the Flex Fuel Tundra for the Harrop TVS2650
OVTunes 2016 Toyota Tundra Flex Fuel Development truck will soon be fitted with a Harrop TVS2650 Supercharger.
**Note - NONE of this exists in the stock ECU and is an option only through OVTUNE! ** 
So far, nobody has really shown what these superchargers are truly capable of. Harrop pulls out about 500 horsepower as shown on their supercharger videos.
But what can be done when you have custom control over the ECU? Need a table? Make it! Need something altered? Do it.
That's exactly what we have been working on, by modifying the code directly in the ECU.
First we will be taking everything that we have already developed (see here: )
However these features were developed in part, for the TVS1900 TRD Supercharger. So we have been working on some new features developed specifically for this setup.

What is one of the biggest draw backs of the Tundra platform when it comes to boost? There is no manifold pressure sensor. No way to read boost. no idea if you're in boost, out of boost, etc. So we've worked on designing a controller that takes boost into account to correct, modify, and failsafe fueling.
TRANSMISSION Exclusive Features:
(originally tested on the TVS1900 and enhanced for the upcoming TVS2650)
Transmission > Torque control extended mapping
Extending the stock Transmission torque calculation table for extended mapping and tuning for the TVS2650.
This allows for finer shift tuning and shifting in all throttle scenarios.
OEM vs OVTune-TVS2650 Map
Transmission > Shift Point control WOT Torque over-ride table
At full throttle Shift we have designed a piece of code that modifies shifting via modifying torque calculations. With our activation table we can activate this over-ride based on gear and engine speed. (activation only when throttle position is above 80%)
ENGINE TVS2650 Exclusive Features:
OVTune extended mapping > Fuel

(details released soon)
SAFETY TVS2650 Exclusive Features:
 OVTune Exclusive Supercharger ESCS system 
(Engine Safety Control System)
OVTune has taken what we all fear most.. a catastrophic engine failure, and has started development on an exclusive protection mechanism.
By taking real world readings using a Dual bank wideband by innovate. We have created a table that will modify ignition if the AFR reported is leaner than a set value on either bank.
Our custom ESCS AFR Safety table.
The innovate Wideband lambda gauge has an auxiliary 0-5v reference output wire that can be used to feed the stock ECU wideband data. Normally this is impossible without modifications to code and wiring.
So, we have taken this reference data and by hijacking the code of  the intake air temperature sensor (the sensor is still FULLY usable) We have created a safety net that will reduce ignition by RPM and our reference.
Whenever the AFR is where it should be, or during any and all driving, the intake air temperature sensor reports temperature data to the ECU just as it would in stock like conditions.
But when the reference AFR is leaner than expected in boost, we feed data to the ECU to drastically reduce ignition timing and potentially save your engine from catastrophic failure.
Such features are ONLY available from OVTune.
Our ESCS table will multiple (negatively or positively) the current ignition amount based on actual AFR feedback. That means that if the AFR was to go lean during a pull, the ignition can be reduced as much as 100% ( 0* advance) or in the case of this image, a 55% reduction in ignition, effectively creating a fail-safe condition that may just save your engine.
Boost Fueling > Table Control Over-ride 
coming soon.....
check back this weekend for our blog post update tonight!

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