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OrangeVirus Tuning Lexus Stage 1 Reflash

Our 91 octane 100% Stock Vehicle ECU Reflash for the RC 350 nets us around 10whp and over 25 ft lbs, with 20+ from 2000 RPM - 4800 RPM.
What's even nicer about this flash, is that it is not the maximum available gains. The ECU has a torque limitation table when the front wheels are not presently spinning, so on the dyno we could not replicate just as much power as we are seeing when driving. The nice thing is that there is zero limits when driving, and you experience the full satisfaction of this tune (which nets over 300 whp real world).

What is remapped? and do you offer a kit?

Throttle -
One thing we focused heavily on is how the car responds when it is not at full throttle. We remapped all throttle tables for Sport and Sport + mode, which really livens up the vehicle. Part throttle and throttle response is simply amazing, and the transistion on and off throttle can be felt, response is crisp and feedback is instant. No more delays, no more throttle modulation.

Driving Modes
Our main focus was to bring all the power and response alive in sport mode, while retaining as much fuel economy as possible with ECO. We are managing an average of 26 MPG on this tune with mixed city / highway driving. We tailored ignition timing to maximize MPG when load is low and the engine is cruising, and smoothly transition to power when you step on it.

Stock ignition tables are not "that bad" but definitely need improvement. One thing we noticed right away when starting the tune on the 2GR FSE is that cruising, low load ignition timing is lower than expected. This results in real world MPG loss, and less response. Adjusting ignition values, from idle to rev limit, high and low load is what really makes the difference in response for this car.

Rescaled Load and tranistion maps
The stock Lexus ECU uses a load based axis to figure out "what to target" in the ECU for various things like fuel, ignition, etc. Some of these load targets are higher than the vehicle will ever see, and some extend past any usable range. A slight modification to the load scaling on certain maps have made the map more usable, with a wider resolution of use. While this doesn't really result in more power directly, it does result in finer control of the tune.

There are many different things going on in the lexus ECU when it comes to fuel. Sometimes it's rich, sometimes it's lean, sometimes it's very rich. We cleaned up Fuel targets and adjusted full throttle targets for better power, while maintaining strict safety margins. We feel there is no need to burn the mixture excessively lean for that extra "1hp" (and that's literally what it translated to on the dyno). By running a slightly richer mixture, we maintain cooler cylinder and EGT temps, without any real world loss of power.

The stock VVT maps are, like in our other blog post "good enough." Through fine adjustments in the target angle we were able to pick up sizable amounts of torque in the mid range and extend top end power. One of the biggest advantages of VVT is being able to have a wider torque band, which we created.

Transmission tuning and Rev limiters
The stock Rev limiter on the RC350 is 6700 RPM, but you'll never see it. The stock mapping is set to shift the transmission with or without you before then, based on what gear you are on. We are working on transmission shift tuning, altered shift points that allow us to extend our usable rev range to 7500 (stock engine) and 8000 RPM (modified valvetrain and custom camshafts). Our transmission tune will be available soon and all of our remote tuning and reflash customers will get this added in for no charge.

How can I get this tune?
We offer reflashing kits. All you need is a laptop or tablet with windows to run the software. While most full version windows tablets will work, be do however recommend a small portable laptop for easy of use, and to ensure compatibility.
All of our remote tuning kits come with our Base Reflash PLUS custom tuning, and free updates. The kit comes with a USB license key that allows you to access the software to flash the ECU via OBDII port, OBDII USB cable, and reflashing and datalog software.

Will I be able to get my transmission tuned? What if I'm not stock?
Yes, all of our remote tune customers will get a transmission map from us for no extra charge once it is available. We have custom tuning available for vehicles with any modifications like exhaust, intake, headers, etc.

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Jan 22, 2021 • Posted by Abdul

Hey do u guys have a tune for a 2016 Lexus IS 300 f sport

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