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I0TECH Toyota Tuner Suite OverView

I0TECH Toyota Tuner Suite OverView

I0TECH Toyota Tuning Software overview

This page will serve as an overview page for I0TECH Tuning software for the Toyota and Lexus Platform.

Nearly all ECUs 2005+ are supported, including the Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, Hilux, FJ Cruiser, Lexus ISF, Lexus RCF and more.


- License:

One you have purchased your kit you will be given a licensed USB dongle to match with your software. You can view your license and information (which is also needed if you want to upgrade at any time) from the License view option.


- ECU Identification:

Once you Have loaded a file into the software for editing, available ECU information will be made available.

This information will include - ECU ROM Version ID, Type of Vehicle / Market, and Edit allowed file size.

- Available map list

The list of available tables are continuing to grow as we further expand and support our software. We have a majority of major and minor controls readily available for tuning. Most tables include accurate axis data and real world value conversion for ease of calibration.

Note, some tables like D4-S / Direct injection control are available only on models that implement this system. The available tables will slightly differ depending on the actual model of the car.
For cars with Automatic Transmissions, nearly all Major TCU tables are available.

- Map view

Viewing a map is simple. Select the check box and the table for tuning will be generated. Note in the row above there are multiple tabs so you can open and easily swap between multiple maps for ease of tuning. 
We have various editing features like copy / paste / interpolation / "make fit" (adjust a table to fit another of smaller or larger size) which will automatically allocate the necessary data to create an accurate table. 

There are also options to change the layout of the table and swap the axis data.


- ECU Protection Methods

We have implemented some features to help tuners (Only available on Master Kits) protect their work. On some ECUs data readout can be completely disabled, while others allow for a serialization method for the tuner to place their own unique serial or identifier in the ROM to place a unique signature within the file. This signature is embedded within the tune.
The tuner can elect to use or not use this feature.

- 3D Visualization

Accurate tuning requires accurate tuning models. We have worked with a 3D Visualization SDK to allow for table data to be accurately viewed and analyzed by 3D tables which can be adjusted and manipulated as the tuner needs.

- Functions and Help Data

On the right side of the suite there are tabs that have information about tuning the tables, for example helpful map tips or tuning tips. There are also functions and equations for tuners to quickly reference to expedite the tuning process. There is also a page dedicated to different Toyota systems and how to accurately understand and calibrate them. (Like fuel, or ignition).


- Datalog Viewer and Customization

Our Log viewer has been inspired by other famous log viewers that are very popular and easy to use. We have included features that other log viewers do not have that we feel is very helpful to the tuning process.

The tuner or user can elect to set specific rules based on log data names (for example knock retard) and set their own mathematical rules for this data. The tuner or user can elect to change the view coloring. By setting these rules, the log viewer will automatically adjust and colorize data the tuner has set. This helps expedite the tuning process and also ensures that critical tuning data is not glanced over or missed. 





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