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Flash kit vs Handheld

Flash kit vs Handheld




Toyota Tacoma 3.5L 2GRFKS Tuning Package




Complete package including:

  • Software for flashing
  • OBDII dongle for flashing
  • Cable for OBDII
  • Free updates - 1.05 update included 


- Once you receive our ECM Tuning Package you load our software to your windows laptop. 

(A windows laptop is required and not provided! WINDOWS XP IS NOT SUPPORTED!). You register your software and dump the binary contents of your stock ECU.  We then provide you a modified binary to load to the ECU with all of our latest developments. 

*More information

*Flash manager

SELF TUNING ABILITY : Under development but will be available at later time.


  • No space limit as you can use our flash manager to download any tunes that are available for your vehicle/ECU.
  • Requires a windows laptop to set up and flash.
  • More tune options available.
  • Requires some basic level of computer skills




OpenFlash Tablet For the 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma 3.5L 2GR-FKS.



Complete package Included:

  • Openflash Tablet v2
  • OBDII to OFT Connector (for flashing/programming)
  • USB cable
  • can store a maximum of 5 tunes + stock tune on the device.
  • (no limit of tunes you can have on your computer and transfer to the device)
This handheld is developed for enthusiasts who are looking to create their own tunes! Not only will you be provided a base tune to begin with, but you will be able to edit the tables, map your own truck as you wish.
- Ability to tune controls like:
- Fuel Maps
- Ignition Timing
- Shift tables
- Valve timing
and much much more
Data-logging is built into the handheld and can be saved for viewing. (computer required)


Supported by OVTune
***windows pc is required for tuning / viewing datalogs ***
- OVTune data-log viewing software provided!
- custom tune your own truck, no locks, no limits.


SELF TUNING ABILITY : Under development for select ECU versions. 
Self tuning:

- Editing software for loading the stock calibration for your truck, so that you may make changes to the tune as you wish. *EFI experience recommended*

- Editing / tuning support and informational help regarding how to properly calibrate tables


  • Doesn't require a laptop in most cases (exception applied, updates, viewing datalogs, etc)
  • Easy access and easy tune.







Complete package Included:

  • Handheld programmer to store your flash kit tunes 
  • OBDII cable (for flashing/programming)
  • USB cable
  • windows pc required for loading tunes of your choice from flash manager

Designed for storing and loading tunes that would normally be accessible / flashed by flash manager and a computer. *** NOTE *** if you are interested in self tuning and datalog capability, that will still be used with flash manager and your OVTune v3 OBDII device. 

Handheld tuner for loading and flashing tunes to your tacoma. (Only for customers who already own our flash tune kit)

This product is optional for our existing customers who own our flash kit and wants to have a device on the go for tune files, easy access for flashing without laptop. It is not required to purchase. 

This product is NOT required for self tuning if you own a flash kit.

This product is NOT require for datalogging if you own a flash kit.

This product is NOT required for using / accessing our tunes if you own a flash kit. 

Supported by OVTune. 

*Windows computer necessary for loading files/updates/etc to the device*






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