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Boost Tuning the 2GR-FKS Stock ECU. FI-ROM Code details

Boost Tuning the 2GR-FKS Stock ECU. FI-ROM Code details

OVTune custom code for the 2GR-FKS engine for use with Forced Induction.

Enhancements and custom code, patched tables and modified exclusive programming to make boost tuning possible safely on the Tacoma 3.5L stock ECM.

Exclusive programming code using OVTunes FI-ROM (Forced Induction - Read Only Memory) Patch, as part of our standard EROM patch for the 3.5L ECU.

What is EROM?


The hardest part about proper forced induction tuning on the tacoma ECU is that there is no pressure sensor to check what manifold pressure is. In stock form, you are limited to toyotas programming of airflow + static tables + throttle position. On top of that, you can max out every one of Toyotas "stock" fuel tables and not get enough fuel needed. This is not a hardware issue, the hardware can support it, but the stock programming is limited in the total amount of fueling it can calculate.

We take this code, and modify the code itself to supply fueling needed.


The most critical aspect - Fueling

Our custom coded ECU features are exclusive to us, and completely designed and tested on our dyno in house.


Throttle position based fueling demand:

We have made a throttle x rpm based table that modifies base fueling. (this is the static value in the ECU uses to calculate ALL fueling). Unfortunately the Tacoma ECU does not have a manifold pressure sensor, so we have made fuel modifications based on the next best option, the throttle position sensor.

This table takes RPM vs Throttle position and adds the total output fueling that is desired by the ECU, Making it possible to expand fueling as necessary for higher boost pressures and throttle position. Tables such as these do not exist in Toyotas stock programming, and have been added via our custom programming.



Maximum filling limit raised:

We have modified the stock programmings volumetric limits, so that the ECU can calculate for cylinder filling above 100%.


Maximum injection limit raised: 

We have modified the stock programmings fuel limits, so that injector pulse width is no longer capped.










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