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8AR-FTS Boosted Platform EROM Patch 1.01

8AR-FTS Boosted Platform EROM Patch 1.01
Orangevirus Tuning 8AR-FTS 2.0L Turbocharged Lexus IS200T EROM patch notes.
Release 1.01 ( upcoming )
This blog post covers a SMALL portion of our extensive EROM patch for the lexus IS200T.
This blog post covers less than 10% of what goes into our patch. 
Our COMPLETE Blog post will be available by the end of the month and it is an EXTENSIVE patch that converts more than 200kb of code and tables. (10% of the entire ECU!)
OVTune has been silently working on this killer engine in disguise from Toyota. While we have not made much public progress about this, we have been working behind the scenes for the last few months since picking up our development vehicle last year. We have made note-able improvements to the stock calibration using our exclusive EROM patching process (custom code within the ECU).
For the last several months we have been testing and logging extraordinary amounts of data from the ECU in order to get as much sensor feedback as possible during many different variables. (temperature, weather, etc).
We have spent significant time disassembling the ECUs code, to make necessary changes to make it more tuner friendly.
With that, our exclusive EROM patch has been developed for our test vehicle. Some highlights of this patch can be seen below.
More information is coming closer to the end of this month including Dyno results and an in depth walk through of what our patch does, and accomplishes. We will also go over how exactly the Engine Control Unit (ECU) controls this engine and controls boost, explaining why you feel a "lag" when you floor it, and why throttle response down right sucks. 
Our EROM Patch modifies -
- Target ignition tables
- Target and Boost Limit Tables
- Fuel Tables
- and several other critical tuning areas.
Several critical boost tables have been completely redesigned and modified
boost based load control
boost based torque control
boost limits (eliminated)
and much more

What does this mean for the Lexus 8AR Platform? Big power.. is just beginning. We have defeated the stock ECUs logic of throttle induced torque control (throttle limitations) and have wrote our own patch for the ECU to follow our boost targets rather than it's passive boost control system. 

The stock engine is tuned closer to that of a "naturally aspirated" calibration with a few boost control tables implemented. That means this engine closely (in terms of calibration) resembles the same logic and control as Toyota's non turbocharged counterparts. 
8AR-FTS 1.01 EROM Patch highlights:
No longer will the ECU use the stock Boost control tables, but rather the ECU will now use our, custom coded boost control tables.
An image of the stock boost control table. Boost is controlled by factor limits of pressure and RPM:
 OUR EROM Patch: 
An image of our EROM Custom boost control tables that we have designed and coded. Our boost table still factors temperature into the equation and RPM while expanding and modifying targets based on intercooler temperatures and engine speed.
EROM Airflow
The stock ECU uses a accelerator based airflow control table. This table is used to calculate and ultimately control incoming airflow.
Here is an image of the stock table:
EROM Airflow Patched table has been extended to increase RPM and accelerator angle axis's for finer airflow control. While also increasing the limitations of the airflow control table itself.
Other note-able changes and benefits.
 All of this is included on top of our primary engine and transmission tune for this platform.
What we tune:
Fuel targets and fuel limits for enrichment
7000 RPM engine speed limiter. ( No longer will this engine be gutted to 6000 rpm).
Transmission shift tables and torque control tables for the transmission.
Elimination of Toyotas complex shift shuffle / shift scheduling. 
Elimination of the redundant 4D shift and engine control tables.
and much much more.



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