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3.5L Tacoma 2.0 Final Patch Notes and Release date. The biggest patch we've ever developed...

3.5L Tacoma 2.0 Final Patch Notes and Release date. The biggest patch we've ever developed...
OVTune Tacoma 3.5L 2.0 EROM Patch Notes.
NOTE - These are the FINAL changes and custom features that will be included in 2.0. Any previously discussed feature that is not mentioned here was excluded or eliminated during development.
This is the final calibration version of our Tacoma 3.5L Tunes and several things have been changed, recalibrated, and adjusted through code.
We have also eliminated some features we had considered creating, and have changed the way some features work (for example gear lock).
We have eliminated the development option we were working on with map switching by crawl selection (due to so many trucks not having this). (see here
Changes we have made that will be discussed are : 
- S mode changes
- 3 Way map switching (for autos)
- 2 Way Map switching (for Manuals)
- Enhancements to shift and torque control tables + elimination of several tables
Starting with the Basics, What Calibration (tune) changes have been done?
- Engine Tuning
Ignition Timing - Updated - Enhanced - EROM 
 We have modified our EROM 1.05 Ignition timing tables, which will be re-released in 2.0 with expanded ignition section for idle control, so that trucks no longer experience any idle surging or instability with idle rpm (bouncing). 
(details can be seen here
We take our current 1.05 EROM Ignition code patch and have enhanced the section for idle control. Unfortunately Toyota does not use ignition tables dedicated for idle, so you must tune idle in the same tables as other engine operation.
Many other things regarding ignition and fueling is included and is discussed here :
Valve Timing - Updated - 3 Way Map switch 
Our current developments with valve timing still work well, and we are keeping what we have previously done.
(see here
( and here
However with map switching implementation, we have created 2 new VVT tables in the ECU that will be selected based on drivers map configuration. (example images below)
Each table is tied to the mode / map you select.
- Map 1 Normal driving will have normal, tuned valve timing operation. (atkinson, high advance in power mode, etc).
- Map 2 Enhanced / Power mode. Valve timing targets are adjusted to create quicker response to throttle changes
- Map 3 Towing mode. Atkinson operation is eliminated in this mode. 
Fueling -
Closed loop fueling control is still being actively developed however we are not certain if this will be in our 2.0 release. (due to the bulkiness of the code and complexity to have it running smoothly). But if it is we will let everyone know ahead of time. It is actively being worked on. 
If not all of our previous fuel developments will still be included in 2.0.
Air / Load / Throttle Calculations -
One of the biggest changes is completely retuning and normalizing the tables that control calculations for air load and throttle angle. Several of these tables exist and have transient and interpolation states that once again create scenarios that make the truck unpredictable. We have modified all of them and have enhanced how they are used so that the throttle feels more predictable. At the same time, it changes air load calculation targets, and allows the truck to have better control over various throttle angles.
These tables are retuned for both the AT and MT, and the MT version truck gets an additional table developed exclusively by us that has these tables normalized and expanded due to the MTs ability for much finer throttle angle control in every gear.
Single Torque Table conversion for Auto Transmission Torque optimal calculations- 
See more here:
I don't think we adequately explained it last time, with how this works. The current (stock) ECU has multiple torque control tables for the transmission depending on scenarios (and limp modes). This is part of what makes the transmission so unpredictable. (Take the Tundra, or older Tacoma for example which only has ONE Transmission optimal torque table)
We have enhanced and modified our code so that all torque optimal targets lead back to our single torque table in code (example image below).
The other torque target tables simply WON'T EXIST and have been DELETED from the ROM, so there is ZERO chance the ECU can find or target these wonky tables! (thankfully deleting all these extra tables frees up more space for features). Simply put, it completely eliminates variability in transmission torque calculations.
 Torque Converter -
Locking of the torque converter, and unlocking it is a critical aspect to getting better drivability, and better MPG. We have expanded our Torque converter tuning and have allowed for more unlocked situations. Now this may LOOK like or possibly FEEL like the truck is shifting, but it is actually not. When you see the RPM quickly make a few hundred RPM jump up, you will also notice a change in exhaust tone (if you have an aftermarket exhaust) This is a torque converter "unlocked" state, and is used for a quick bump in acceleration.
Shift tables  and 4.88 gear tables (5.29 coming soon!)-
 Shift tables, as always, have been aggressively tested and modified to try to find the optimal shifting route for these really... "unique" 6AT transmissions. (see here for some of that development We are including a final version of our expanded tables, and including an entirely new shift routine for Gear locking. 
 What is Gear Locking? 
See here:
Manual Transmission Specific:
Single Torque Conversion table for Throttle -
The Manual Transmission version of this truck still has "torque" (target demand) tables for the transmission and each gear. Thanks Toyota! Anyways we have found a way to normalize and create a single target table for every gear, which creates rock solid reliable throttle control on the MT. Unfortunately a "copy paste" scenario is not possible with these tables so we had to develop a creative way of interpolation and multiplication on our single table for each gear. (which we cannot discuss our code secrets here :) ) 
Custom EROM Calibration Features -
AT 3 Wap Map switching -
The Automatic Transmission trucks will have 3 way map switching available through these modes:
Map 1 - Normal / D mode (87/91/93 compliant)
Map 2 - ECT Button activated ( 87/91/93 compliant performance mode)
Map 3 - ECT Button + S mode ( 87/91/93 complaint mode dedicated for towing)
S Mode Gear Locking - 
Gear locking feature will now be controlled by moving the selector to S Mode, and no longer require the use of the ECT button.
Atkinson elimination mode-
For towing, Atkinson operation makes no sense. So we have eliminated it completely in our tow map (3)
MT FOB 2.0- The "FOB" ( Full Otto version B) is getting completely recalibrated with all new cylinder fill calculations and limits removed thanks to our FI code development (see here ) The code string image is this calculation! 
So now the important question, when is this being released? We expect to release right around Christmas, the same time we released 1.05 last year


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